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Form to CSS generator Builder | jQuery Plugin

Create your own CSS generator with the form to css generator Builder plugin.

Demo page | build A CSS generator like this in minutes:


I wanted to create my own CSS generator for a project with a form that update dynamically the css. I looked to some other project and i didn't liked the fact to write a lot of codes and i came up with a idea to create a form who automatically convert to CSS.

Usage example

HTML form (input, textarea and select tags supported):
Read the jQuery.serializeJSON for more details.

input name with body[background-color]

<input type="text" name="body[background-color]" value="yellow">

CSS Output:

body {
    background-color: yellow

input name with h3[font-size]:px

<input type="text" name="h3[font-size]:px" value="15" />

CSS Output:

h3 {
    font-size: 15px

For multiple class or ID since we use jQuery.serializeJSON, you can not separate selector with a comma, instead use | like the following example: input name with multiple selector .firstclass|secondClass[font-size]:px

<input type="text" name=".firstclass|secondClass[font-size]:px" value="15" />

CSS Output:

.firstclass, .secondClass {
    font-size: 15px

Multiple input with the same selector will build your CSS:

<input type="number" name=".firstclass[font-size]:px" value="15" min="1" max="20" />
<input type="text" name=".firstclass[color]" value="#cccccc" /> 

CSS Output:

.firstclass {
    font-size: 15px;
    color: #cccccc;

Since jQuery.serializeJSON do not take the : as a selector, we replace : by @ input name with #myID@hover[color] It may change in the futur if i can implement CSS media queries.

<input type="text" name="#myID@hover[color]" value="red" />

CSS Output:

#myID:hover {
    color: red

user :skip or anything:skip to exclude input from being converted to CSS (from jQuery.serializeJSON)

Adding units to value

After the value, you can specify units to value

[]:px []:em []:percent []:important []:pximportant []:emimportant []:percentimportant

<input type="text" name=".myclass[padding]:em" value="2" />

percent for %

important for !important

Using FormtoCSS function

Call the function this way. You can use a Class, ID or form


With all options:

Example call with all options:

    beautify: false, // default true  
    prefix: false, // css3 -webkit, -moz: default true 
    target: '#targetDIV', // target effected selector, single or multiple selector(s)
    targetShow: true,  // show target selector in css output result ex: #mytargetdiv: default false
    addcss: '#addcss', // add more css from #addcss hidden textarea  
    output: 'pre,#result', // output CSS results, single or multiple selector(s)  
    header: false // add css to header in realtime: default true  


Sometime you need to append something to your input and formtoCSS did not update your CSS.

try .keyup():


You can use hidden input and do create CSS with the right name informations


Form to CSS need these javascript and jQuery plugins to work.

The cssparser add css3 prefix like -moz | -webkit
The cssparser need to be rewrite. I found it on the web and it's not perfect.


Full page demo

You can fork and help for this project.

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